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Thank you for visiting Mobiles Express! If you’re on the quest for a mobile phone contract but bad credit keeps on preventing you from securing one, then you’ve found the right place! Mobiles Express is here to assist you in obtaining the perfect contract phone for your needs, 24/7! Just complete our online form today so we can help you get started!

What We Are?

We are not a site offering “no credit checks” or “guaranteed” contract phones, because there is no way for you to obtain a mobile contract without undergoing credit checks. Mobile carriers employ these checks in order to assess if you can afford the monthly payments for your chosen plan until the very end of the contract.

What we are, on the other hand, is a complete mobile guide containing everything that you need in order to qualify for a mobile phone contract. While we show you the deals which are most appropriate for your specific type of credit, we also provide you with useful tips that should get you in a better position to obtain the exact deal you wanted.

Why Use Mobiles Express?

So you might be wondering, what good is using our service if acceptance is not 100% guaranteed? The truth is, no one can, or should promise you a no credit check mobile phone contract, and if they do, try to stay away. No credit check phones do not exist, simply because network providers don’t just give out their deals to anyone. All of them may perform ways to assess your level of risk to the company differently, but they do employ them nonetheless.

But because we have taken close watch of the major networks for years, we have a strong understanding of how they work out the deals offered to consumers. We have been continuously monitoring what kinds of offers can be availed for every type of credit. By using our free service, we can show you which types of deals are closest to what you are looking for, and most importantly, ones which you are most likely to qualify for.

But it doesn’t end there. We have a ton of helpful resources that are aimed to further better your odds of approval for a mobile contract, which you can see below:


These guys did an amazing job in providing the right mobile contract according to my needs . What else can you ask for?

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Apply for a Low-End Mobile Phone


Generally, cheap handsets are easier to apply for because of obvious reasons. Companies are more than willing to accept more customers in exchange of low cost devices. In a span of 18 to 24 months, this means more money for them because there’s a relatively cheap cost to recover.

So what’s in it for you? Even if you’re not exactly thrilled to put up with a feature phone when you can’t wait to lay your hands on the latest smartphone, this will give you more time to prepare before you’re ready to get your next high end gadget. If you have bad credit and have had troubles paying your bills in the past on time, higher monthly bills could be a bit overwhelming. Cheaper phones, on the other hand, can give you a taste of what it’s like to have a pay monthly contract, but without too much strain on your budget. It could also improve your credit worthiness after a while, and in the future, applying for more expensive gadgets will be more possible.

Be Willing to Provide a Security Deposit

A security deposit is more of like a bond, which serves as your assurance to the company that you’re willing to commit to the contract’s terms until its very end. A security deposit is essentially a certain amount, usually most if not 100% of the handset’s cost, that you will have to provide to the carrier in exchange for being accepted in their service. Think of it as some sort of probation. After at least a year of your timely repayments to them, you may be able to get back your money, but if you fail to fulfill your end of the deal, they will have to keep the security deposit.

Providing a security deposit essentially gets you in a better position to qualify, because it raises the network’s confidence. It may reflect your sincerity that you’re not planning to back out on your payments at any time, and because you’re leaving them with some cash, they simply have nothing to lose.

Apply for a Sim Only Contract

Sim only deals have become highly popular nowadays because of the affordability and flexibility that they offer. If you’re more intent on getting a contract in order to save money than to get a new phone, perhaps this is your best option. Unlike a regular mobile contract, sim only contracts do not have a handset included, but rather you are only assigned a set number of credits that you will have to pay every month. Additionally, instead of the traditional two-year contract, you can opt for a 30-day, three-month, or a one-year contract. Because of the less risk, providers are more willing to give them out, and this is a great opportunity for you to enjoy a postpaid mobile service while you are yet to repair your credit.


Register on the Electoral Roll

Being registered on the electoral roll has something more to do with your overall credit worthiness, and is not just useful in your mobile contract applications, but rather in your every application for a loan or service. Having your name enrolled in the electoral simply lifts up any doubt on your identity. If you are on the list with the same address that you’ve been using for years, this can greatly improve your chances of getting approved.

Postpone Your Application

If all else fails, perhaps there’s nothing wrong with waiting. If your credit is that bad, you may need to take a time out on your applications in order to catch up on some of your bills payments, and settle overdue balances. While it’s impossible to remove bad credit overnight, these networks will highly appreciate that you’re working out on past debts once they perform their next credit check on you. Most likely, they may view this is a positive attitude and might be more considerate the next time you apply.