How to Prolong Your Phone’s Battery Life?

Turn off the power when not in use

It’s very self explanatory. Turning your phone off can save it the most power, but many people may be reluctant to do it as they may be expecting calls and texts most of the time. Just to be safe, turn your phone off during those times that you least expect important calls and messages, such as during sleep. You can also put it in airplane mode when you’re in areas that have no signal anyway.

Surely, gone are the days when phones used to last up to three days without charge for light to moderate use. Nowadays, however, you’d be lucky when you see your phone through to the next day. Occasionally turning it off can make it more power efficient.

Adjust Brightness and Screen Timeout

If you check your phone’s battery settings, you’ll see that your display eats up the largest portion of your battery, assuming that the phone has been idle. Reducing your screen brightness to the lowest comfortable level for your eyes can help slow down battery drain. Avoid using live wallpapers, and opt for dim colours for your background. As for your screen timeout, make sure that it is not set to default, which may be around a minute. This means that your screen will remain lit up for a minute after it has been idle, which can further consume your battery even if the phone is not in use. Set it to the shortest possible time given in your options.

Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS when Not in Use

Having these connectivity features turned on makes them search for signals continuously, even if you’re technically not using them, and can contribute to faster battery drain. If you’re not travelling or waiting for any important emails, keep them turned off.

Disable flash

The flash on your phone also consumes a lot of power from the device, so unless you really need additional light, do not turn it on. Additionally, great photos often result from natural lighting and can be ruined by flash.

Disable unused applications

Sometimes, apps are continuously running on the background even if you’re not using them, so make it a habit to exit an app properly instead of simply pressing the home button. If still in doubt, check on your application manager to see which apps are running constantly, and uninstall those that you don’t really have any use for.

Give Your Phone Frequent Charges

Unlike in the old days, batteries today live longer by giving it frequent charges rather than letting it go down all the way to zero and then charging it fully. Do not wait for the notification that your phone’s battery is running low, but rather, give it a charge once it reached around 40-50%.

You can charge your phone even while it’s turned on. However, don’t use it while on charge, and be sure to disconnect it immediately from the charger after it has reached 100%.