Ways to Recycle Your Old Mobile

Most of us only know of two ways to deal with our old mobile phone- either sell or trash it. However, before even thinking about one of the two popular options, here are some creative ways to recycle it.

Hand it down to Family Members

In this day and age, every member of the family owns a mobile phone in order to stay connected. Even young kids are given phones by their parents so they can check up on them from time to time. If you’re hesitant to buy them an expensive device because they’re still young, perhaps the best thing you can do is to hand them your old one. This lets you stay in touch with them constantly without hurting your budget.

Make it Your Backup Phone

You can never tell when your present device might get broken, lost, or stolen, and keeping a backup phone in case of emergencies would not hurt. It will also allow you to keep important contacts backed up, as well as make calls or texts even while your other phone is still on charge.

Use it to Store Files

Even some mobile phones from a few years back have memory card slots. You can place some of your files here in order to declutter your main phone and keep it spacious for more important files in the future.

Make it Your Portable Hotspot

If your old device has Wi-Fi capabilities, you can use it as your portable Wi-Fi hotspot, instead of buying a separate unit for it. This eliminates the need to turn on your main phone’s mobile data, which is not only expensive, but can drain your battery a lot easily.

Make it Your Music/Movie Player

We all do a lot of things with our mobile phones, such as watching movies and listening to music. These activities can be very demanding and may require a lot of power from our device. By doing this constantly, our phone may wear down more quickly. Having another gadget perform these non essentials can prolong your phone’s battery and overall life.

Turn it Into a GPS

It’s not unusual for phones today to have built in GPS functionalities, and instead of buying a new GPS, why not give your old mobile a new function, and save some cash on the process?

Turn it Into a Gaming Console

If you or the kids love to play, it may not be a wise idea to burden your phone with heavy gaming as you’ll need it to be constantly charged for more important activities. You can use your old device merely for gaming purposes, and even use it as a simulator to play old Nintendo games for instance.

Donate it

If you’re more inclined to being of the service of others, and you want your phone to walk the same path that you’re travelling, then donating it to charity can give it more purpose than it probably ever had when you owned it.