What to Look Out for in a Network?

Perhaps you’ve bought a new phone, or thinking about switching from PAYG to contract to avail of a newly released handset that you couldn’t buy outright. The next major consideration would be choosing which network to sign up for.

What are the Rates?

First of all, you’d definitely want to compare rates against PAYG and across all other network providers. Most of the time, a mobile contract will give you cheaper tariffs than PAYG. One network may also offer lower monthly payments but higher rates than the others. Before signing up for a contract, don’t just look at how much you’re paying monthly, but rather, whether the amount of credits that you’re getting is enough and reasonably priced.

However, don’t look at the rates alone, but rather the total price that you would have to spend each month and the other charges included.

How Good is the Signal Coverage?

Users rely on good reception in order to use their mobile services properly all the time. While major networks cover most of UK, it’s wise to ask whether your carrier has poor signal in a particular location that you’re constantly visiting. Ask other users if they are getting good signals, especially when you’re on the go and signal plays an important role in your communication.

What is the Fair Usage Policy?

Heavy users tend to get the most savings out of a mobile contract than PAYG, but before signing up for those unlimited packages, know first if you and the network are in the same page about unlimited. Some deals are subject to a “fair usage policy”, which may be commonly encountered in unlimited internet packages. Preferably, subscribe to a “truly unlimited” plan so you wouldn’t get charged for exceeding the company’s limits.

What are the Rewards?

Most providers offer a rewards system to attract more clients and keep existing customers. Be sure to look into the company’s rewards system and check if this can give you the most benefit out of the rest.

Also, some rewards are promotional offers aimed to attract new clients, but aren’t designed to last permanently, so be sure to clarify that. Also, inquire about potential freebies and discounts that you could avail in the future after your contract ends, and decide whether to renew or not.

How Many of Your Friends are in the Same Network?

It’s not just yourself to consider when choosing your network, but your contacts as well, since you’re paying for your mobile services in order to keep communicating with them in the first place. Consider how many people you talk to are on the same network, because rates are often cheaper when calling or texting people using the same carrier. If possible, sign up with your family or friends in a circle plan for more discounts.